Sunday, November 29, 2015

Cube lube comic book ad.

I love this 'cube lube' ad from an old comic.  I found the image on an ebay auction.


Now some of you may not know that competitive cube solving is a real event, check out this video from a Kentucky teenager who just set a world record by breaking the five second mark: 

Rubik's cube solvers are an interesting sub culture.  Here is a time lapse video of a massive 17x17 rubik's cube solution:

And then, there is this poor guy.  He was determined to build a world record 22x22x22 rubik's cube and he spent something like seven months designing it, printing it out on his 3D printer and assembling the darn thing.  Finally, livestreaming the event on youtube, he gave it his first turn.  Now I'm going to link directly to the end of the one and half hour live stream session where he unpacks it and attempts the first record setting turn: