Sunday, June 14, 2015

Latest War Thunder live action "video trailer" is cinamatic.

I criticize computer CGI a lot but, when it works it really does add to the action and there is a realistic massively multiplayer war game called War Thunder that tries to get people to join the game for "free".  I won't get into the business model but suffice to say the company is highly motivated to not only release tutorials but also to make live action "video trailers" which are basically teases to get people to sign up.

The game is known for detailed plane and tank battles but they ain't this realistic! So you have to keep in mind this round trip between live action people, tanks, planes and back to the battlefield of the Soviet front of WW II is a promotional tease, not a video of what you'll see when you actually play the game but...

With all those disclaimers in mind, it is an artistic vignette that works.  It is a live action video trailer that makes the transition from video tease to art. The editing between hyper-realistic slow mo and regular speed all set to a Russian singer is impressive and the CGI does add value to the live action shots which, I think, rarely happens but here it does: