Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I count "stickers" as comics...

If you don't know what the Line messaging app is then clearly you don't know any Japanese high school girls.  When this Japanese company got the brilliant idea of offering emoji stickers in its messaging app it was a match made in commercial heaven.  Most Japanese companies protect their brand by creating back stories for their characters; one character is dating another and one is narcissistic and always looking into a mirror and so on.  An important part of that is making cartoons showing a typical day in the characters lives.  If you know the Line character backstory then the following cartoon will be funny as hell as each emoji acts out their character type and of course, the cartoon is just one installment of "Line offline" i.e. what the sticker characters do when they aren't making you happy being stickers in the Line app on your cellphone.  The cartoon is in Japanese but hey, when people start buying cellphones with Line pre-installed all over America, you can tell all your friends that you were into Line before any other English speaking cellphone user. :)