Saturday, November 1, 2014

Mr. Michael Stackpole will be a guest at the store Grand Opening from Noon to 5 PM today!

People have asked me why I wanted customers to mention Flying Buffalo to Mr. Stackpole.  Flying Buffalo was one of the pioneers in play by mail games.  Yes Virginia, before everyone had a PC on their desk people had to snail mail their moves to Flying Buffalo who would mail the results out to all the players.  Hey, at the time it was a big deal!  But it does appear that Mr. Stackpole has moved on.  :)

But seriously all you AD&D'ers out there, you should go up to Mr. Stackpole and give him a big THANK YOU!  You don't hear it as much today but when AD&D was taking off and we were all playing at a friends house the popular media was saying it was all Satanism and other bullshit. Mr. Stackpole was one of the few defenders of AD&D who actually did something to prove that all that bullshit was, well, bullshit: 

"Stackpole did a research study on all American legal cases where injury or death had been attributed to gaming, and found that not only were the links to gaming very weak, but that even if all of the reports had been valid, they showed that gamers were violent or suicidal far less often than the general public"

So, I'm saying in all honesty here, completely separate from anything having to do with my store, that if you are an old AD&D player and you walk up and say "Thank YOU" to Mr. Stackpole at the store today I think it would be a nice little piece of karma for you.  Just saying.

Here is his personal website:
Here is his latest novel which you should buy. :)