Sunday, November 9, 2014

Arise my I mean, the store Grand Opening was successful. A big thank you to everyone.

Greetings All,
I just wanted to give everyone an update on how the opening day went.   You never really know how complicated it is to put on such an event until you actually have to do it.
It helps to have friends & volunteers who can pitch in at a  moment’s notice and to have a dependable team in place.
The biggest fear that I had was about our special guest, science fiction and fantasy novelist: Michael Stackpole.   My fear was that Michael would not have any fans show up for up him at the grand opening of our comic book store.
I later found out from Michael that this is a fear that all authors face.  There have been events he has appeared at where that has actually happened to him.   And this does not just happen only to Michael.  I have been to conventions where even well known comic book professionals will have no one waiting at their table.   This happens for any number of reasons; that artist or writer may not be the hot young gun at the moment that everyone is lining up for, or he/she may not be involved in any current project, or perhaps it is just bad table placement on the con floor. 
However sometimes this is a fan’s good fortune.  This was how I found Gene Colan and got my copy of Tomb of Dracula #1 signed by him, and got to have a personal discussion with him that was mine only.   This living Marvel legend had no one at his table when I first discovered him at San Diego Comic Book convention decades ago.
But I digress, back to the opening day, Michael’s fans did turn out, he sold lots of autographed copies of his books and comics and he was very gracious to all who met him.  I would also like to thank all the old friends and new ones who came out to the grand opening, it was a very busy but very satisfying day.
We raised some money for the Red Cross which has already been presented to them, and the check is on the way to the Hero Initiative. 
As most of you are aware we held our opening day in conjunction with Gold By The Gram Pawn Shop.  We have a unique physical arrangement that even though each business has its own entrance, there is no actual wall between them.  So you can visit a full-fledged comic book store and at the same time you can check out a pawn shop if you have never been in one before.
So now that we are officially open, we are well stocked with comic book collecting supplies, new issues every Wednesday, and you can bring us your pull list and join the Collector Haven Comic Book Club for discounts on your new comics.  Stop in and say hi to the store manager Dave, and he will give you all the details. 
We also have thousands of action figures and other  items in our ebay store which you can pick up onsite if you purchased them on line.
I'll follow this post with some pics from our opening day.
Thanks everyone.
Rick, Owner Collector Haven