Monday, October 27, 2014

When the revolution starts on Nov.1st, 2014, in Glendale, AZ, I'll make sure ALL pawn shops have comic book stores in them.

What do Luke Air Force Base, Comic Book Men, Pawn Stars and Star Wars have in common?

Glendale Arizona has a real life version of Comic Book Men meets Pawn Stars.  
Collector Haven is a full service comic book and toy store located inside Gold by The Gram Pawn.  It will be the newest and closest comic book store to ever open next to Luke Air Force Base with its Grand Opening scheduled for Saturday, November 1st at 10 AM.  More about that later.

Joe and Susan Sampley are the owners of Gold By The Gram Pawn.  They were aware of my background as a comic book dealer and used to call on me to serve as the expert they called for comic books and related collectible opinions.  I was like one of those guys on Pawn Stars that always seem to be able to come to that pawn shop at Rick Harrison’s call in a moments notice!  Yes, those people are real.

Gold By The Gram Pawn is a family owned business and their pawn shop reflects that.  They genuinely care about their customers.  They are also supporters of  abandoned dog rescue activity which they support and practice.  It is just another example compassionate nature.  You can check them out here:

As they discovered that more of their customers shared the same kind of interest in comic books and toys and other pop culture collectibles; they and I began to wonder if it would be possible to do a real life version of Comic Book Men meets Pawn Stars.

Could you open a full service comic book store inside a pawn shop?  We are going to find out the answer to that question.  Joe and Susan’s business quickly outgrew its first location.  So when the opportunity to move to a larger location within the strip mall arose, they asked if we could try a comic book store at the same time.

After much hard work by everyone involved, both businesses are presenting a grand opening on November 1st in almost 4,000 square feet.  Collector Haven is located at 6808 NorthDysart Road, Suite 124, Glendale AZ 85307. PH (623) 518-9048.  Gold By The Gram is located in Suite 128 at the same address.  There is no wall that separates the two businesses, so there are lots of cool stuff to look at  and purchase.  Not only can you pawn Mom’s jewelry, you can buy back your old comic books and toys she threw out at the same time.  

We would like to make you aware that we maintain one of ebay’s largest comic book and collectibles stores with lots of vintage comics, toys, magazines and other pop culture items.   If you make a purchase on my ebay store you can pick up your item in person in Glendale, AZ, and save on shipping.  We are:

Since most of Joe and Susan’s customers are aware of the new location for the pawn shop, they have let Collector Haven take the lead in the Grand Opening activities.  So, without further ado, here is the schedule:


The doors open at 10 AM and we are essentially holding our own version of a mini-comic book convention.   The first 50 visitors will receive free comics with a special discount coupon which can be redeemed on a return visit.

We are expanding our inventory for this day by bringing in a special collection of silver and bronze age comics that will be available on the sidewalk.   This will supplement the great selection of comics and toys available inside.

We will be having free pizza from Noon to 1 PM.
Door prize drawings every hour from  Noon to 5 PM.  

Michael Stackpole,  world famous science fiction and fantasy novelist,  will be making a special appearance from Noon to 5 PM.  Michael has written over 40 best sellers and is the author of the ground breaking Star Wars novel, I Jedi.  His author credits include the Dark Horse Comics Star Wars, X-Wing Rogue Squadron Series.  He is a real life Star Wars character as his image was is the basis for the Corran Horn.  He has made considerable contributions to the expanded Star Wars and even World of Warcraft universes.  He truly is one the original founding fathers of Nerd Dom.  We will be doing a special blog on him later.  For now more about him can be found at:

Scheduled to appear from 2 PM- 4 PM are members of the Star Wars 501st Dune Sea Legion.  More can be found about them at

You can also take the opportunity  during our Grand Opening to register for the Collector Haven Comic Book Club, which will give you a 25% discount on your first  month’s worth of new comics and 15% afterwards.  This will also allow you to preorder new action figures and collectibles as they are issued.

Be a Hero Yourself!  Throughout the day you can register for our Grand Prize drawing with a donation of $1.00 per ticket to be eligible for the Star Wars Emperor’s RoyalGuard Limited Edition statue.  It is number 34 of a limited run of 3500 released by Gentle Giant.  Proceeds will benefit the Luke AFB Chapter of the American Red Cross and the Hero Initiative which helps comic book industry veterans who need a bit of rescue themselves.  More about them can be found at:

Come on by say Hi!

Rick Funk,  Collector Haven