Saturday, October 11, 2014

So, you want your blog to work on a smartphone/tablet/air mini,mac whatever.

You could do what I do, which is just pick one of the simple blogger templates and let blogger do the conversion automatically for you.  Or, you could hire a consultant and give him/her mucho bucks to program that could try your own hand at Java web site programming.  You know, take full charge of your destiny!  That's what a real nerd would do!

Here is a cute trick if you have a blog on blogger.  Append ?m=1  to any blogger based URL to see what that page is going to look like on a smartphone.  Here is a link to this blog with ?m=1 added to the end of the URL:  

Of course, you could always try to do all this yourself in Java.  Here is an actual photograph of a Java programmer trying exactly that:
 image 1