Thursday, October 16, 2014

So, I called my cousin...

So, I called my cousin and asked what he was doing and he said that he was waiting for his wife to recover from an endoscopy and I asked him why was she getting an endoscopy and he said it was because his doctor’s trophy wife was getting her braces off and now she wanted to go to college and so I started thinking about medical issues and then I remembered this old injection procedure handbook I found and I thought that maybe he might want it in case he wanted to stab his doctor in the butt in a way that really hurts when the guy comes in and says he didn’t find anything wrong with her pancreas for the second time even though the MRI guys keep saying there is an “anomaly” but that just means that there is a ball of fat in her pancreas but nothing shows up on his ultrasound but hey maybe she should come back for another endoscopic ultrasound in six months anyway because the doctor’s wife is going to need a WHOLE new wardrobe for her second semester freshman year so I sent him a link to my ebay auction:

Of course if there is anyone out there injecting synthol to win bodybuilding competitions then you need this book too.

On a serious note, injecting mineral oil and painkiller is f***** up.  I worked as a nurse for a long time.  To keep up appearances, you have to do this several times a week.  It’s Russian roulette.  Eventually, you WILL lose.  Stoned heroin addicts have better technique than the so-called body builders in that video.