Sunday, October 5, 2014

So, exactly how IS art done in this sorrowful world?

I’m glad you asked!

First, find a true artist.  They are surprisingly common and almost always appreciated by only a few.  But those dedicated few will cherish them (comic book fans will understand this.)

Find a masterpiece about a despondent woman who is pregnant by a man who has moved on:

2-9 What a Voice (I Wish, I Wish) (Roud 495, G/D 6:1189)
Recorded by Peter Hall at the Jeannie Robertson Memorial Concert, 1977 

What a voice, what a voice, what a voice I hear
It's like the voice of my Willie dear
An if I had wings like that swallow high
I would clasp in the arms of ma Billy boy

When my apron it hung low
My love true love followed through frost and snow
Bet now my apron is tae ma chin
He passes me by and he'll ne'er speir
1 in

It's up and to yon white hoose grey
He's called a strange girlie to his knee
An he's telt her a tale that he's once told me

There is a blackbird sits on yon tree
Some says it is blind and it cannae see
Some says it is blind and it cannae see
And that's what my true love's tae me

Oh I wish, I wish, oh I wish in vain,
I wish I was a maid again
But a maid again I will never be
'Til a aipple it grows on a orange tree

I wish, I wish my babe wes born
An smilin on some nurse's knee.
An for myself to be dead and gone
An the long green grass growing over me.

Despite there being only 28 entries in Roud, some 17 of them are of sound recordings, and Walter Pardon - Topic TSCD665 As Me and My Love Sat Courting; George Dunn - Musical Traditions MTCD317-8 Chainmaker; and Jeannie Robertson - Rounder CD1720 The Queen Among the Heather, can still be heard on CD. 

A song found mostly in England, where it is generally known as I Wish, I Wish.  Only Lizzie and her mother Jeannie have been recorded singing it in Scotland, and only they begin the song with the words 'What a voice ...' This was the first time Lizzie sang this - her mother's song - in public. 

Then remix it with samples of Gregorian Chants and call the creation Blackbird:

Then use it as the soundtrack for an INSANE Scottish mountain biker!

And that, my fine lads, is one example of how art is done in the world that God has made. :)