Saturday, October 11, 2014

Doctor Who, too violent for kids? Absolutely!

I got ahold of one of the old Colin Baker Doctor Who magazines and it really makes me smile.  I think they are currently on Doctor number 12 now but in my childhood the first Doctor Who was Tom Baker (Doctor #4).  And as any fan will tell you, your first Doctor is always the best one. :)

I vividly remember the first episode I ever saw because public television in America picked it up and broadcast it during kids time, right after the kids got home from school.  Now in Britain the BBC showed it during the pub hour so it was considered a fairly adult show but not in America.  It was marketed as a kid show.  My God it was violent.  I basically just watched it from behind the couch.  You can forget all that Close Encounters stuff, in the UK the British Army knew how to handle aliens, they ran out with their WWII STEN guns or whatever those side magazine loading sub machine guns where that looked like they were made for a fourpence, and it was eat lead and die ET scum!  God there were a LOT of guns in that series!  

And there was another episode where basically some kid goes up to a British bobby for help and the shocking reveal was that the policeman's head was just brains or he was melting kids brains or some such nonsense and I remember thinking, cripes! remind me never to ask a bobby for directions!

If you zoom into the cover you'll see the text "Unsuitable for Children?  The critics case is examined."

And don't kid yourself, there are still plenty of critics saying the same thing now:

BBC stands by 'scary' Doctor Who

Some things never change.  
(yes, that's a Doctor Who joke.  I'm a blogger, it's my job.)